Prop Thtr Group presents

Richard Henzel

Richard Henzel as Lord Buckley

Lord Buckley's
Wig Twisters!

A new solo show from Richard Henzel, whose previous solo work has included shows depictign Mark Twain, Ronald Reagan, Carl Sandburg, Daniel Hudson Burnham, and Frank Lloyd Wright. As His Lordship, Henzel re-creates a series of Buckley's "Wig Twisters"--"hip jive semantic translations" of classical and religious literature, ranging from Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven" ("The Bugbird" in translation) to The Gospel of Jesus or, "The Nazz."

With original music by Jonathan Menchin.

Reviews of Richard Henzel as Lord Buckley in Return of the Hip Messiah:

"Richard Henzel gives an astonishing performance that seems more an act of channeling than character portrayal. His swirl of words and concentrated physicality is one of the season's great accomplishments."
Andrew Patner, Chicago Sun-Times

" depicted in an intensely impressive stream-of-consciousness performance from the superbly cast Richard Henzel, Buckley was also an arresting performer who peppered his monologues with equal measures of Shakespearean quotation and drug-induced nonsense."
Chris Jones,The Chicago Tribune

"Henzel's Buckley comes off as a sort of cross between minstrel-show clown, jazz poet, and Frank Morgan's Wizard of Oz--an enigmatic eccentric whose grandiose airs mix put-on with self-delusion."
Albert Williams,The Chicago Reader

"As his Lordship, Richard Henzel is a powerhouse performer, capturing Buckley's magnificent mania with every tireless breath.
Nicole Bernardi-Reis,Chicago NewCity
 Also seen at Marc Kelly Smith's Chicago Poetry Slams at The Green Mill and Fitzerald's


From The Return of the Hip Messiah by Charles Pike.
A Prop Thtr production at Donny's Skybox at Second City Theatre. Chicago 1999.
Directed by Aaron Freeman. Music by Jonathan Menchin. Scott Vehill and Jonathan Lavan, Producers. Video shot by Jim Sikora.






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