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Click HERE to hear a short clip from my "claim to fame"...

Yes, that was my voice (along with Rob Riley's) coming out of that annoying clock radio that woke up Phil Connors (Bill Murray) every morning in the movie "Groundhog Day"...


On Groundhog Day each year since 1994, I have emceed the annual Groundhog Day Breakfast in Woodstock, Illinois (where the movie was shot). (Actually, not every single year--I literally "phoned in" my appearance in 2003 and 2005) Every year we've had packed houses--several hundred people show up in the freeeeeezing pre-dawn glow to witness Woodstock Willie's annual prognostication.

Every year, we had terrific guests and speakers, which have included director Harold Ramis, scores of the movie's extras, "Groundhog Day" animal trainer Bill Hoffman and actor Steve Tobolowski, the unforgettable "Ned Ryerson" of the film ("Ned Ryerson! Bing! I dated your sister Mary Catherine until you told me not to! Bing!").

If you're ever going to be in northern Illinois in February, come check it out!


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