Hear our favorite Dutch Reagan Saying...

Hairpiece by Claire Moores

The show ran from April to September, 1996--we'll probably bring it back in the near future. The Chicago Reader said: "Henzel's Reagan is too nice to hate, and too close for comfort..."

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Scott Vehill and I decided to put "Dementia In Absentia" together in response to the crass political capitalization of President Reagan's Alzheimer's in 1994, when the sad announcement of his illness was carefully orchestrated to provide the climax to the Republican congressional campaign; the "news" being suddenly and emotionally released on the Friday before the Tuesday election. Republican candidates repeatedly called the public's mind to do "what Ron Reagan would want us to do..."

From the show, here are the lyrics to
"A Major Motion Picture Star..."

For an interesting review of Ronald Reagan's presidency, visit "The Ronald Reagan Shrine"

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