"This is the third audio version I've listened to of Tom Sawyer, and it is by far the best. A truly flawless narration."
--GoodReads audiobook blogger Laurel

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

This unabridged recording includes every word of the original, and has not been "dumbed down" nor edited in any way, thus it may not be in all ways politically correct, or appropriate for sensitive or impressionable listeners. Well known as a "children's book," The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is nonetheless rich in eloquent, sophisticated, and even sometimes graphhic language. There is a murder, stolen treasure, and death by starvation. It's a love story, a buddy story, and a tender family drama, all written "with a fidelity to circumstance which loses no charm by being realistic in the highest degree, and which gives incomparably the best picture of life in that region as yet known to fiction," as William Dean Howells wrote in his review of Tom Sawyer, in Harper's Magazine in 1876.

Video of Richard Henzel narrating The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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