Art Anthony's model and makeup effects for the decapitation scene in
"Henry 2"
Portrait of a Serial Killer
Written, directed, and produced by Chuck Parello


Art Anthony shot this polaroid of the fake head as he added the eye pouches.

Art adds eye pouches and wrinkles.


The rest of these photos are from Robert T. Garcia's article in Cinefantastique magazine's November, 1996 issue, and were shot by Adam Skrzypek.

Art makes final adjustments to the servos that control eye and tongue movement.






Midway through decapitation. Note the end of the hose that squirts the blood from my wound.






Henry (Neil Guintoli) holds up his trophy. My real head is under the pillow. Ouch.

I dang near drownded in all that blood! Ah the glamour, the attention, the soft life of show biz!

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