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Rocky Mountain Mike

Since 1967, I've been protesting war, racism, and other causes: on my college campus, and using my "Mark Twain In Person" show, to try to spread a progressive message; I've been infiltrating fraternities, schools, churches, colleges, theatres, riverboats, the internet, and every other possible venue since that time. Whether on stage or in the street, my goal has always been to reach as many people as possible, hopefully with signs, visuals, and messaging that evoke a laugh, thought, or new way of seeing an issue. Since the spring of 2013, I've more or less retired from protesting in the streets. It was then that I met Rocky Mountain Mike, here in Chicago, at Stephanie Miller's live version of her "Sexy Liberal Show" on the radio. We exchanged cards, have met a couple of times in person since then, but much more often online, where I've been protesting with my voice and studio, contributing what I can to Mike's brilliant writing, acting, singing, and production, and his company of other singers and voice actors scattered across the country. With Mike's help, I reach more people than ever, with better jokes, sharper satire, and higher production values than ever; it takes less time, and it's more comfortable than all that rain, snow, heat, and cold. --Richard Henzel
Photo of Sexy Liberals in Chicago, April, 2013

The first time I met Mike, in Chicago, April, 2013. At a pre-show party at Kenny's hotel room with (L to R) Denise Gamble, Adam Hebert (Champaign, IL, producer and host of "Mic Check Radio"), Mary in Ann Arbor (amazingly talented singer/actress), Rocky Mountain Mike (song parody/satire genius), Audra Tracy (Minneapolis producer, singer/actress, also heard singing often on The Stephanie Miller Show),  Kenny Pick (Cleveland producer of "Turn Up The Night" with Tom Shafer, and numerous bits for the SMS). Tom Shafer (Columbus actor/writer/producer), and myself.

Here are some examples of Rocky Mountain Mike's work...

My favorite bit--so far--"Citizens United Airlines"

At last, a cure for BAD--Benghazi Addiction Disorder!!

Now you can finally understand what these RWNJs are talking about...

Bigot Tony's Pizza
Served with a free basket of intolerance breadsticks!

Dumbass Abbey
Illinois congressman who expensively decorated his office is confronted.

Traitor Joe's
Republican Senators reach around to Iran to subvert nuke deal.

Don't Shove A Fish Up Your Ass
Apropos of nothing.

GI Cop!
Forget "cops and robbers"--let's play "thugs and coppers"!!

AutoConBot 3000
Great way to temporarily replace that jerk on vacation...

Fire Bad! Smash Rock!
Fox rebuts Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

Racy The Racist Paper Clip
Mike's reaction to the column attaching the term "gag reflex" NY mayor's mixed race marriage.

The Flaven
Ted Cruz's scary attempt to shut down the government.

Drone City
The latest fun craze...

Drive safer, drive saner, drive quieter, with ConStar.

ConStar Thanksgiving Story
First, here's an excerpt from The Stephanie Miller Show, about the very first bit I worked on with Mike; it proves the value of our efforts; it's a heartwarming tale of RMM's satire bringing families together.

A full catalog of Mike's crunchy audio goodness can be heard HERE.