An American Flag of 1901, but with death's heads for stars and the white stripes black.

To the Person Sitting in Darkness

by Mark Twain

Narrated by Richard Henzel--1Hour, 4 Minutes

With an Introduction by Brook Thomas, and narrated by Richard Henzel. This essay was first published in North American Review, February, 1901.

Mark Twain, incensed by increasing religious and political imperialism around the globe, characterizes a large nation's invasion and occupation of a smaller country as the "strange and over-showy onslaught of an elephant upon a nest of field mice, on the pretext that the mice had squeaked an insolence at him--conduct which 'no self-respecting government could allow to pass unavenged' as Mr. Chamberlain said. Was that a good pretext in a small case when it had not been a good pretext in a large one?--for only recently Russia had affronted the elephant three times and survived alive and unsmitten." From To the Person Sitting in Darkness, by Mark Twain.

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